Stearic or paraffin?

It is a hoax from ancient times that light can be produced from pure stearic, and that it is the "best".
This hoax is not really because:
Paraffin and stearic is of equal quality, pure and soot emission per flared gram is basically the same, but:
It burned about 4 g less per. hour of a paraffinic versus a candle because the wick is thinner in a candles made of paraffin than a candle.
It is because the melting point of paraffin is about 15 degrees lower (about 55 degrees) relative to a candle. (About 70 degrees).
So no doubt that wax candles pollute more than candles made of paraffin.
It is also important to observe how the lights are colored. The colors both candles as candles made of paraffin is chemically produced.
In a through colored lights are used significantly more dye than in a light where only the surface is dipped.
Therefore, all our light overdyppede.

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Stearic or paraffin ?

What is the difference?
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